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Are you a real estate owner and do you care about efficient and comprehensive service of your lease agreement? Are you looking for an apartment for rent in the best locations of Krakow and Wroclaw? We invite you to cooperate.

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Rental process

Real estate consultation
and valuation

Let's talk over coffee. Tell us about your expectations. We will prepare a valuation of your property and plan the next steps.


Home staging
and photo session

We will present your apartment in a unique way. We will take care of home staging, professional photo session and creating an attractive offer. We advise on furnishing real estate in terms of future tenants.


Real estate

We do our best to make your property stand out. Using an extensive database and the best real estate promotion channels. During the presentation, we take care of every detail: smell, light, flowers. This will make your apartment delightful.


Safe rental

We carefully select potential tenants and negotiate the best terms of the contract. Together with our legal department, we prepare the lease agreement and coordinate the entire process related to the preparation and handover of the apartment to the tenant.


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